The Lake Club Limited

Estd. 1932
13/1, Deboki Kumar Bose Sarani (Formerly Baroj Road),
RabindraSarobar, Kolkata – 700 029.
Phone: 2466-6538 / 2463-5340
CIN: U92411WB1956GAP023092


Notice is hereby given that the 68th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Members of The Lake Club Limited, will be held in its premises on Wednesday, 20th September, 2023, at 3.45 p.m. to transact the following business:

  1. To receive, consider and adopt the audited statement of Income and Expenditure for the year ended 31st March, 2023and the Balance Sheet as on that date together with the report of the Committee and Auditors’ thereon.
  2. To elect the President and Committee Members for the year 2023-2024.
  3. To receive the Captain’s Report for the year 2022-2023.
  4. To appoint Auditors for the year 2023-2024 and to fix their remuneration.


The election of the President and seven members of the Committee will be held by ballot with option for E-voting at the Annual General Meeting as mentioned in the annexed ‘Notes’.

  1. (i) Member intending to stand for election would be required to provide their Director Identification Number (DIN), if allotted, along with the application; {Sec-152(3)(4)(5)& Sec-164(2)under The Companies Act, 2013i.e DIR-2 and DIR-8} to the Jt. Hony. Secretaries in writing by 7.30 p.m. on or before Wednesday, 6thSeptember, 2023, being the last date of submission of nomination. The Club will remain open during usual business hours for this purpose.

    (ii) As per Section 160 of The Companies Act, 2013,a member who is not a retiring Director, as per Section 152 and wants to stand for election, shall give notice along with the deposit of Rupees One Lakh only, with the nomination at the registered office of The Lake Club Ltd. However, the aforesaid amount shall be refunded to such candidate, if the person gets elected as a director or gets more than 25% of total valid votes cast, failing which the said amount shall be forfeited.

  2. (i) The members who are eligible to vote at the Meeting shall vote personally and shall deposit the Ballot Papers in the Ballot Boxes which will be kept open for the purpose of the Annual General Meeting for such length of time as the Chairman of the meeting shall direct.

    (ii) E-voting facility is also being extended to the members.

Remote E-voting will commence at 9.00 a.m. on Sunday, 17thSeptember, 2023 and will end at 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 19th September, 2023. E-voting specific instruction is being sent in the annexed ‘Notes’.

Members intending to avail E-voting facility should clear their June,2023 Bills on or before 2 p.m., 15thSeptember,2023.

N.B. :

  1. Members will be notified separately the names of those who have expressed their willingness to serve as the President or Member of the Committee for the year 2023-2024.
  2. A member who has either been posted as a defaulter or has more than two months’ subscription and / or other dues outstanding on the last date for submission of name for serving the Committee, as specified in Articles 34, 35 and 35A of The Articles of Association of The Lake Club Ltd., shall not be eligible to contest the election for the President or the Committee.
  3. A member having more than two months’ subscription and / or other dues outstanding shall not be entitled to vote. In other words, only members who have paid full all their bills uptoJune, 2023 shall be eligible to vote.
  4. The Cash Office of the Club shall remain closed from 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday 20th September, 2023 until the close of the Annual General Meeting on that date.
  5. Members who have any question to ask in connection with the Accounts and / or are desirous of discussing any other matter are requested to submit such questions or matters to The Jt. Hony. Secretaries not later than 7.30 pm on Monday, 11th September,2023.

Dated :22nd August, 2023

Registered Office:
13/1, Deboki Kumar Bose Sarani
(Formerly Baroj Road),
Kolkata -700 029.

On Behalf of the Committee,
Sd/- Subrata Guha
(DIN – 01903181)
Sd/- Debabrata Datta
(DIN – 06420702)
Jt. Hony. Secretaries.


Counting of ballots will commence on 21stSeptember,2023 from 11.00 am and results will be declared on the same day.

Soft copy of the Annual Report 2023 forms a part of this Notice and hard copies will be made available upon request on or after 7th September, 2023.

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